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BioProtein+Plus Thymic Protein A 30 packets/box
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BioProtein Plus Thymic Protein A
Each Packet contains 100mcg of Purified Thymus Proteins and 1mg Zinc Gluconate

BioProtein Plus is made from purified thymus proteins. Supplementing your immune system with BioProtein Plus is a natural way to optimize immune health especially for those with depressed immune systems.

Thymus Gland, Its Function and How Thymic Peptides Work

The thymus gland is a ductless gland which lies just beneath the breastbone. It is almost non-existent in adults due to rapid atrophy after adolescence. Because it is so small in adults, it was long thought to be of little importance until its true function was discovered in 1960. One technique researchers used to discover the function of the thymus was to remove it from young animals and study the resultant changes.

When small animals have their thymus removed (thymectomy), they experience a profound "wasting disease". The wasting syndrome is characterized by an increased incidence of infection and cancer (immune suppression, failure to grow, allergies, neuromuscular paralysis , and auto immune diseases (immune dysfunction). Greater susceptibility to infection and cancer was shown to be directly attributable to a dramatic decrease in peripheral blood lymphocytes (lymphopenia). Rearing the animal in a sterile environment prevented the increased incidence of infection and cancer but did not eliminate all of the symptoms caused by thymectomy.

In 1964 it was demonstrated that hormone-like factors from thymus tissue could prevent many of the manifestations of the wasting syndrome caused by thymectomy. This research suggested that the thymus gland produces substances that are important to the development of the immune system. Although the relationship of this observation and the other wasting syndrome symptoms were not yet understood, the importance of the thymus gland was beginning to be revealed.

Once it was discovered that the thymus produces these hormone-like factors, several groups of scientists began trying to extract and purify the material from thymus glands or serum. The model for this research was the preparation of insulin for therapeutic use in diabetes. Since the thymus produces extremely small quantities of the factors, researchers require large numbers of thymus glands or liters of serum to biochemically extract small amounts of active materials. This approach was met with limited success.

This research brought forth Thymosin in 1967 the first of many peptides (small protein fragments) to be extracted and extensively studied. Thymosin fraction V is from bovine thymus and is a mixture of thirty or more peptides. An active component, one which had biological activity was isolated from this mixture. It is a 28 amino acid fragment of the extract called Thymosin Alpha 1. It displayed a variety of immune stimulatory properties in the laboratory, and has been useful clinically as a treatment for hepatitis B in combination with alpha-interferon.


BioActive Nutriceuticals BioProtein+Plus contains biologically active purified thymic proteins ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 Daltons plus Zinc Gluconate freeze-dried in a base of Maltodextrin. BioProtein+Plus comes in boxes of 30 packets of powder each containing 100mcg of thymic proteins and 1mg zinc gluconate of sub-lingual product. According to manufacture taken daily, it has been used for Colds, Flu, Hepatitis C, and other Viral Infections. Favorable results have been reported by customers using BioProtein+Plus to alleviate side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment for cancer.

BioProtein+Plus is clinically reported to increase CD4 cell counts without side effects in patients with HIV receiving antiretroviral treatment. *Information provided by manufacture BioActive Nutriceuticals


Manufacture Suggested Dosage:

INITIAL DOSE; at the first symptoms or in midst of severe infection, administer 1 sublingual packet of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS every hour over a 5 to 7 hour period (5-7 x), and repeat this regimen for one (1) to three (3) days.

SUBSEQUENT DOSE; continue with 3 packets per day of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS for an additional 3-4 days or until symptoms subside.

MAINTENANCE DOSE; a single packet per day taken sublingually.
BIOPROTEIN+PLUS made from purified thymus proteins. Supplementing your immune system with BioProtein Plus is a natural way to optimize immune health especially for those with depressed immune systems.

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