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There is normally a 2 to 3 days processing time prior to shipment.
Shipping Rates
United States of America
Continental USA, USPS or UPS Ground Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, USPS Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, UPS 2nd day USA, other methods Canada FedEx or Postal
Up to 1 lb. $7.21 $9.27 $15.76 Call 800-450-0216 $20.09
Each additional or fraction of 1 lb. $1.13 $1.34 $2.225 Call $15.45
Australia, FedEx or Postal Asia, FedEx or Postal Europe, FedEx or Postal South America, FedEx or Postal All Other
Up to 1 lb. $21.12 $20.55 $21.12 $32.14 email info@onlineworld.com
Each additional or fraction of 1 lb. $16.48 $15.45 $16.48 $23.69 email us

Shipping and Handling charges do not include any duties, taxes or other charges imposed by the government of the country you live in. Please contact the local authories about the products and charges which may be imposed on the purchase if you are in question about it.

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